• Exceptional Program Management – BiTek employs experienced, innovative, and capable professionals, who will offer solutions to complex issues and ensure that we are capable of supporting every aspect of the government programs. One of the fundamental reasons we have successfully delivered services to a wide spectrum of Government customers is our methodical and proven approach to program management and project execution. We are proud to have a number of Project Management Institute (PMI) certified managers across BiTek.
  • Proven Staff and Plan to Retain Critical Knowledgebase of Existing Personnel – BiTek provides technically proficient personnel with experience supporting the mission critical functions of the Federal Government from day one of contract/task order award. We have established a knowledgebase repository which is continually updated and maintained.
  • Rapid Responsiveness to Emerging Requirements – BiTek implements a flexible organization and provides adept personnel capable of managing emerging requirements.
  • Superior Operational Capability – BiTek’s proven methodology for evaluating and recruiting personnel offers the resources necessary to augment staff as needed to meet any challenges. We have previously "ramped up" to meet urgent requirements for our existing customers - our approach for staffing capable personnel on short notice is well established. We have a history of providing personnel on a short notice to support critical program activities.
  • Effective Quality Control – BiTek offers a quality assurance program that emphasizes employee accountability for performance and continuous process improvement. Our goal is to not only meet but exceed the customer expectations. We are committed to achieving and exceeding specified performance standards, resulting in continual improvement in overall operational performance.
  • Proven Customer Service – BiTek is committed to customer service and a rapid response capability. BiTek maintains quite a few Federal contracts in excess of 15-20 years, thus proving our team’s value to customer service.